Swimming Pool



  • Without chlorine
  • Hypo-allergic - does not irritate the eyes, does not cause ear infections, asthma attacks, eczema, does not aggravate psoriasis or irritate the skin
  • Durability - lasts up to three times more than chlorine
  • Non-corrosive - prevents damage to plumbing
  • Physically softer water
  • Odorless - no more chlorine or waste smell
  • Promotes crystal clear water
  • Non-Toxic
  • Ozone, environment and user friendly
  • Controls bacteria, algae and fungi
  • One can swim 15 mins. after application
  • Confirmed in long-term trials (tested by the Sanitary Protection Agency, Health Protection Agency, London)


PoolSan is an aqueous saturated ionic complex containing copper, silver, zinc, aluminum and gold. The microscopic action of these natural mineral ions on algae and bacteria is double. First, the algae and bacteria present in the water are destroyed by a change in their enzymatic processes, because the ions penetrate the structures of their DNA and in the cell walls. Second, all these charged particles join together in a single flake and can thus be picked up by a filter. The ions retain a stable PoolSan residue in the water until the process reaches a saturation point.